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Many of our customers are ladies that may not be happy with the fit of their Prom dress and evening wear straight off the shelf and require alterations to fit the shape they have. We have also seen an increase in second hand dresses that need alterations saving money and many hours needed searching the boutiques for dresses that you like. All Sewn Up can alter your Prom dress or evening dress and will provide a FREE personal and professional 1:1 fitting service (appointment required) and even get it dry cleaned or pressed for you as part of our service.

If you are buying a dress from abroad (ie China) consider the following: Cheap dress fabric, sizes are NEVER accurate, customs duty, then cost of alterations. Generally it ends up being more expensive than going to a dress shop here in the UK.

As is the case with most occasion wear, Prom dress and evening wear often need an alteration to ensure a perfect fit. Prom dress and evening wear are required to be worn at numerous occasions and it is important to have a dress which sits properly and is the right fit for you. Prom dress and evening wear alterations may be needed when attending special occasions such as races, weddings, christenings, formal events or dinners.

Altering a dress can modify it to suit the occasion being attended and also restyle it if necessary. By having a Prom or evening dress professionally altered, it can be tailored to suit your figure and height and adjusted accordingly. Having a properly altered Prom dress or evening wear dress will mean that you look your best when worn and that it fits correctly. Prom dresses and evening wear alterations can be done neatly and without causing damage to the dress as adjustments can be made to the length and sizing of the gown without leaving any noticeable traces.  In this way you can customise your dress to suit your own personal taste and style.

Once the alterations are complete, we can get your dress pressed or dry cleaned for you as part of our service.  Ask for details and a quote guaranteed to make you happy!

Please email us to book an appointment for a fitting, if you walk in off the street, we probably won’t be able to accomodate you.


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